About us

Established in 1992, Koan Hao is a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels with more than 27 years of dedicated service in the industry. As the market leader in Taiwan, Koan Hao invests in the most advanced facilities and tooling techniques to ensure that its products are of the high quality. Koan Hao’s wide range of products can be applied to various purposes, including decorative, electronics and optoelectronics, automobiles, logistics, food and beverage, and consumer commodities. In addition, Koan Hao offers tailor-made service to help its business partners to develop more suitable product for its very unique application. Koan Hao is committed to moving forward. Its ongoing development in a specialized field allows Koan Hao to confront the challenges of today’s dynamic market. No matter what your need is, Koan Hao is there to CLOSELY TACK TO YOUR APPLICATION.